Android - Has apple missed a trick ?

I remember getting my first Android which I got shipped from Google via the UK to Brazil. I was amazed by this device until it's amazing demise in a tropical rainstorm. I walked around the streets of Rio showing anyone who would look ...

I continue to be amazed at the applications of this OS and the OS business model. Everyday there are announcements of new Android Phones, tablets and now playstations, TV's and e-readers which are going to be using the Android operating system. It is a compelling proposition for hardware manufacturers who now don't have to bother with the very complex task of writing software. They have to simply build a computational device and get Android to run on it. Software, particularly writing an OS is notoriously difficult and requires significant skill for complex devices.

I remember arguing with Professor Nogueira and Coppead Business School who was very pro-Apple and thought they would grow beyond imagination at the time (2007). Although, as the recent results show apple is doing exceedingly well, I believe that they will face serious threat in the near future from Android enabled devices.

Imagine a scenario where you have an Android based TV, e-reader, mobile phone and kitchen appliances, what about an Android smart meter for your electricity ? Firstly, the common look and feel is very desirable and one assumes that the integration will be smoother that with a mixture of devices. Although Apple continues to release compelling products, they are not on the convergence bandwagon. I believe this is why Google stands to gain and all other in the market stand to loose significant market share.


  1. Here is an Android home phone


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