Microchip Android development kit part 1

I recently obtained the Microchip Android development kit, this is the fist part of my attempt to get my development environment working :

You can join the debate and knowledge on Android and mobile peripherals, development, potential, business models etc at AndroidGizmo .

My Attempts at developing an application have come to a temporary halt as I try to find a way of getting Android 2.3.4 or above installed (currently 2.1). I am trying to find a solution on villainrom


  1. Most promising lead so far is http://www.cyanogenmod.com/

  2. If you do have your dev environment working - you can get a sample application from the Android market place :

    The example application can be downloaded from the Android Marketplace. You should be able to find the demo application
    by searching for "Microchip" and looking for the "Basic Accessory Demo" application.
    You can also download the file by:
    1) Go the the following link in the browser:
    2) Click on the below link from an Android device capable of running the demo:

  3. But are you developing peripherals or Android accessories ? Everyone is developing mobile apps ...

  4. hi tweety, where can we get more info on the types of things under development ?

  5. Android is a good choice to develop for mobile platform.

    Android Development


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