Tech Entrepreneurs - Problem of the CTO

Focus on the development process

The biggest problem is not money or resources, it is lack of knowledge in undertaking the development process. Effort should be focused on creating an "open-source" development process for web-start-ups with a complete series of artifacts for them. Most web-start-ups that get past the concept phase, fail not due to lack of resources, rather they are unable to use the resources they have effectively. Most software projects are problematic, and for start-ups the problem of getting software developed in a efficient, painless way is a major problem. Little time or effort is spent in the specification phase and hence what is developed is often not what is required. We should develop an open-source framework which guides the development process.

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs will have a proven process to follow, which will allow them to reliably take thier concept through to creation. This will allow them to focus more on the business and remove uncertainty and risk from the "creation" phase.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

WIll need expereinced consultants and entrepreneurs who have worked with the software and business development processes. Large technology consultancies compaines like IBM, Accenture etc might want to collaborate as they have already a large library of artifacts that would be very useful to the entrepreneur. These large organizations might also fund such an innitiative as it gives them credibility in the market and brings them very close to the "innovation" happening in the UK and elsewhere.

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How could we get started?

A simple concept website (launched currently at and the structure of an open-source project would be needed and a comitte of credible industry leaders who could apprach other thought leaders and eperienced entrepreneurs. This committe with thier advisors would need to establish a roadmap and in a co-ordinated fashion start the collation of information, which will lead to the establishment of a number of artifacts and processes that entrepreneurs can later leverage. The goal is to create a standardized set of development processes and documents for all to share.


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