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It's all about data ! Bandwidth will become more freely available at lower cost. Mobile Bandwidth will increase also with cost reduction as technology scales (4G, WiMax etc).

As this is all happening the Mobile device, Tablet, Laptop, PC and TV are converging. They are currently different devices, however the operating systems (e.g Android) and the user interfaces are going to continue to converge. Cloud (or remote) storage and services will mean that devices are less dependent on physical hardware on-site and almost entirely dependent on the Internet connection and local processor (see for example Dell's USB stick PC, Rasberry Pi or BeagleBone Black)

As the operating systems converge and thus the user experiences, developers will have more incentive to develop frameworks that work across all devices. Already technologies like WebRTC are being developed to allow complete media transfer between browsers on any device. This means file sharing, video, photo's without any special plugin software or application. Furthermore the possibility of phone calls direct from the browser (goodbye Skype ?) with technologies like SipML and Phono, built on WebRTC. So we are not far off making voice and video calls direct from our Internet enabled TV's.

The standard house or office phone is not going to be with us for much longer and the trend for telecommunications companies to handle more data rather than voice is going to accelerate. There will be a tipping point when the browser and device support is good enough to mean most households and businesses will be changing their telecommunication systems to be purely Internet (VoIP) based. How long after will most mobile calls also be delivered over IP ? Eventually new mobile specifications will be purely data based, i.e there will be no signalling and protocol for standard voice calls as there is today.

Touchscreens, gesture sensitive devices, voice recognition will integrate these new user experiences further into our daily lives, less typing and more speaking, moving ? Nod to call mother, cough to see webcam of the garden etc ...


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