The Mobile/Tablet future as I see it

I see a future where everyone has a tablet/communication device - which is in some way biometrically activated, i.e can only be activated by a single individual. This device is used for everything, from communication to setting devices in the home, plotting car journeys and paying the bank.
Due to increased electricity and gas prices, not to mention fuel - algorithms run that ensure efficiency, heating, cooling and water usage. Traffic is routed in optimal ways via communication with centralized control centers through the tablet/communication device. Travel is very much a recreational activity with remote working and login standard practice. The tablet/communication device forms tha basis for work, social and home life. Plugging the tablet into one or more controller interfaces opens communication with the car, the home or the work place. The Internet as we know it, is only one small component of our daily interactions. Know we are able to communicate with all devices in our possession, which will evolve to become more intelligent and configurable (if not human like).
Whilst connected into the office VPN, the toaster informs that the toast has reached the desired temperature and will be ready in 2 minutes, the coffee machine asks if it should start making a latte ? You decline the latte but go get the toast - or have it deliverred by a homebot. The garden monitor informs you that it is the optimum time to begin watering and suggests that the sprinkler we turned on for 10min and 25 seconds, you accept after checking in real-time your current water balance and account. A warning flashes that you have left a light on downstairs, with no-one present in the room and the light will shutdown in 30 seconds. 

Most of this technology alreay exists in some form or another, there are two main reasons we have not as yet adopted it all in the way described above. Firstly, there is a cost issue - however cost of electronic equipment is constantly falling and fall further with critical mass. Secondly, we have not had a unified controller - and with it a unified protocal for all devices to communicate seemlessly. As we approach these two major hurdles, the above description will become a reality.
So things might look a little like this in the not too distant future


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