What is the potential market for Android Peripherals ?

This is a recent thought I posted on AndroidGizmo

Whilst it is still early days in the Andorid peripheral space - there are only three listed manufacturers of development kits - which are needed to prototype and device. And furthermore, it seems as if these devices are either sold out or not available. It is still interesting to speculate on the types of devices that may emerge.

Could we even have Android devices dispensed from a vending machine as in the  Arduino vending machine  ?

Firstly, we can expect to see standard PC peripherals now made to support Android devices. this includes:
  • External Disk storage
  • Joystick controllers
  • Webcams and multi-media devices
  • Mice and input devices
  • Wireless controllers for other devices

Consider that for the first time we will be carrying a fully fledged computer running a very mature Linux operataing system, in our pockets. This means that we could use this device to control a whole range of things that we previously needed expensive computer harware for. This has applications in field testing, logging data, connecting, updating control devices and equipment. The business applications are plan to see. Issue your field team with Android devices and have them interface into a whole range of equipment on the move. Imagine a scenario where your plumber comes over and plugs his Android into your bolier, runs a diagnostic test, produces a report and subsequently fixes the problem.


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