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Challenges Facing IoT Systems in 2019

Challenges Facing IoT Systems in 2019 There is no doubt that we have made significant progress in many key components of IoT systems, in recent years. These developments have in fact made IoT possible. Computer hardware has come down in cost, size and price. For many the  Raspberry Pi  and other similar devices has facilitated the ability to experiment and innovate, this coupled with the huge open-source community that has provided operating systems and tools that unlock these devices.   Mobile and other communication networks have improved driven by the demand from initially mobile phone users. This has also driven the development of mobile devices, which has driven improvements in batteries, screens, sensors and the entire software eco-system that runs on these devices.  With all this development, there are still a number of significant challenges. In order to roll out significant quantities of IoT devices, there are opportunities to improve deployment solutions. we li