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The pitfalls of share options in the technology startup

Draft 1 PLEASE NOTE: I  am a simple engineer and this document should not be taken as legal advice in any way whatsoever.  Please feel free to comment or relate your stories here. All feedback is more than welcome Over the last few weeks I have been involved in trying to get a fair outcome for some options that I have in one of the many startups I have worked with over the years. As I continue to push my case forward I thought I would write some thoughts whilst fresh in my mind.  Many of us are attracted to startups due to the promise of shares or share options in the company we are joining. Many people work at reduced rates or no pay in exchange for these contracts, with the hope that one day they will materialise into some value for us. For startup companies, options are a vital currency. Initially cash is tight and using options is a means to attract the right people to help launch the company or take it to the next stage in it's evolution.  In recent weeks, I have received many