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Insights & Suggestions For Effective Software development

I decided to note a few observations on software development based on my experiences with a number of clients over a long career, this is work in progress and would appreciate any further input or comments. Topics Data science needs systematic approach Without Specification you are in trouble Interview for excellence Agile does not mean "do nothing" Devops first is not always productive Too many resources is as bad, or worse than too little Design before Develop, before Deploy 1. Data Science needs a `Systematic Approach` We live in a `Data Science` age, it's a buzz word. We have always had data science in some form or another, it's just that the availability, techniques, compute power and volume has exploded over the last few years. Principles are not new, they are standard engineering practises, however, in the new generation of `Data Science` these standard practises are often overlooked. Here are some general rules-of-thumb I have noted down : It makes no sense to